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We take pride in products and service rendered,
We deliver excellent service and customer satisfaction.


We strive to provide integrated and innovative
ICT solutions to our clients.


Our products and services are customer focused, delivering appropriate and effective solutions.

Phetole Technologysystem integration, SaaS, digital learning, Linux support

Imagine one day when all cars use water instead of petrol, you have to think the unthinkable and do the undoable, anything is possible with the use of ICT, in short Phetole Technology falls under the category of SaaS (software as a service) and hardware’s, we integrate system using open source software’s, this is evident on the service we offer for Enterprise (Government, Municipalities, Private Sector) client and our involvement in Education solution from TVET colleges to digital education for schools and Wi-Fi solutions.

Our internal systems are constantly improved and fine-tuned to make sure that you are getting the most current and best service possible in the market, Open source is at the heart of Phetole Technology

News Update


First news

The beauty here is that we take those old computer labs donated by companies and cell phone providers, then we install our operating system (OS) called “Phetole OS”...