The south African government has embarked on an ambitious, yet doable effort to make internet service available for free to its citizens, especially in the dusty rural areas of the country where this service are still a pipe dream, but with the help of private sector and a proper planning, that’s include a proper network design, this initiative is not complex at all, the benefit of free Wi-Fi should be categorised as a necessity as more and more people are using smart phones and digital education, which we also specialize on, need access to internet to access these services

Phetole Technology, in partnership with our hardware provider in networking devices, can easily implement any Wi-Fi project, big or small anywhere in south Africa, we want to accelerate this good initiative where the people are digitally connected, we will help municipalities, government departments and the private sector in designing, implementing and maintenance of a secure Wi-Fi connection with a strong failover to avoid downtime ,with high encryption between a user’s device and the outside world, we connect schools and communities at large