Well in case you may not know, Linux is a kernel, The kernel is the most important piece in the operating system. It allows the hardware to talk to the software. It also does a whole lot of other things, An operating system, just like Microsoft ‘s Windows that you know, has a its own kernel, which only Micorosoft knows and will never make it known, because it is closed source, that's where the word "Open Source" comes in, so there are so many different types of Operating Sysytems ( Os) that are based and use a Linux Kernel, Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint, Phetole Os, Mandriva, Kali Linux, Pear Os, Fedora, Red Hat, Gentoo, Debian, OpenSUSE, there are so many, the good thing with Linux is the freedom of choice, which means it will depend on you which flavour of Linux you wish to use and implement in your organization or for personal use, and its's free, secure and is reliable, Linux is everywhere, on your smart phone, servers, desktop, Smart Tv's and many more, large and small companies use Linux as there servers of choice, from banks to Government departments, they now migrate to Linux, since the future of ICT is in the Cloud, we now focus on Dockers, containers, Automation, Virtualization, the list is endless, all this systems swim in the Linux pool, what Microsoft Software's can do, Linux can do and can do even better, if you’re not sure, contact us and we will show you how and we will Implement a Linux solution for your Business with easy